Baseball Stands With Boston

There have been a number of tragedy’s the United States has seen over the last few years and with sports being such a large part of our society, they provide a distraction when we need it most.

April 15, at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, two bombs exploded killed three people and injuring 130 more. Just a couple hours later, the Boston Red Sox defeated the Tampa Bay Rays and were on their way to Cleveland. I was sitting in class on my phone continuoiusly updating Twitter and when I saw the tweets start to come in about an expolsion, I could look away. I kept with the story for the rest of class and the rrest of the day. The stories I heard and the pictures I saw were intense. The more I heard, the worse I felt.

Tuesday morning, the New York Yankees announced that they would play Fenway Park favorite, “Sweet Caroline” after the third inning of their game. This was an amazing gesture and almost the entire league followed suit.

I may hate the Yankees, because I am a Red Sox fan, but I am a baseball fan and an American. This was as classy as any orgainization could be.

I also saw people on Twitter posting pictures of themselves wearing Red Sox gear even though they were Red Sox fans.

One thing this country does better than anyone, is come together in times of need. Sports provide a wonderful solace in that sense and even though I may be a sports nut, I understand and appreciate what they do for people and how they help everyone in even the smallest ways.


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