Working The Phones

When I left the Middletown Press office Thursday night, Joe had told me that I would be staying in on Friday to take calls from high school coaches reporting game scores. I have never been a big fan of talking on the phone, but it was part of the job and I had to do it.

My first assignment of the night was to figure out what was newsworthy from the associated press and what we could put on page two of the sports section. I chose an article on Joe Flacco, Australian Open tennis, Lance Armstrong and Mike Eruzione. These all seemed to be interesting enough and people would want to read them. After choosing these stories I put them on the page and cut off what wouldn’t fit.

Cathy, the photographer, was sent out to Cromwell for the girls and boys basketball double header, which was also a “pink out.” The school sold pink shirts and took donations to raise money for the Jimmy V. Foundation along with their schools scholarship fund in honor of a former teacher.

The phone calls started to come in. Joe took the first few and then I talked to the Mercy coach who was reporting a win and then a call from the Westbrook and Portland game. Honestly, I don’t know who I talked to, I am going to have to keep that in mind for next time.

I wrote up a couple of briefs on these games and tweeted the final score as Jimmy Z. and Cathy were coming back from Cromwell to write the boys basketball story. A couple other calls came in, but the time was getting close to deadline and Joe had to put the finishing touches on the paper before sending it off.

The time went by fast tonight and I think I can attribute that to me enjoying what I am doing and having fun with the people. I think I may have finally found something I love doing.