Don’t Fill Out a Bracket

Here is the overdue post about why you shouldn’t fill out an NCAA bracket ever again.

When I was in high school and first started filling out brackets, I filled out a bunch of different ones hoping that one of them would be really good. That never happened and I found myself getting even more frustrated. If I had a pick on one bracket that was different in another, I would say to myself, “If these brackets were combined, I would be doing pretty well.” Of course I wish that could happen.

The last year or two I have been making one bracket and sticking to it. This is a better way of doing things, because there is no wishing you made all the good picks from ALL my brackets. There is one and that’s it. This technique has been fun recently, until all my picks start losing after I believe I have created the perfect bracket. First I get frustrated and wonder why I even went through the trouble of filling out a bracket and then I just don’t care.

I asked my friend Scott a couple days before the tournament started who he had winning and he told me that he never filled out a bracket and said he wouldn’t per @DarrenRovell, because the Twitter sports business icon said it’s more fun if you don’t. I am starting to believe this idea.

After day one of the tournament, I had made only two wrong picks and was in good shape in the free pools I had entered with my friends. Friday, my bracket was busted when Wisconsin lost and then the Cinderella of Florida Gulf Coast University beat Georgetown and everyone’s brackets went down the toilet. As soon as that happened I stopped caring about my bracket and became a college basketball fan again. College basketball is one of the greatest things about this country, behind baseball, of course. It is the only sport where a team from a small college in Florida that has been around less time than I have been alive (16 years) can beat one of the most storied programs in the history of the sport. That is why college basketball is wonderful.

Even though the story is huge and people love it, imagine how much happier the entire country would be if they didn’t pick Georgetown to go to the Final Four? Maybe this year is different, because FGCU is such a long shot and they are fun to watch (Dunk City), but I am¬†genuinely¬†thinking about not filling out a bracket next year and just watching basketball and enjoying it.

The other thought I had was get drunk, fill out a bracket, hide it with someone and don’t look at it until the tournament is over. That might be a better alternative and will probably get quite a few picks right, because I won’t be over-thinking it.