Just a beginning

I wrote last week about my new job at ESPN. I didn’t write it to announce what I am doing or to brag about my “dream job,” I wrote it for myself, because I was nervous.

I appreciate all the words encouragement and well wishes, but I didn’t expect it.

All I do is track college basketball games and make sure all the data is going where it is supposed to. It’s a cool job, but not my dream by far. I would still love to be a major league baseball beat writer. I want to travel with a team and write stories everyday, all spring, summer and fall. That is my real dream job.

I hope to use this opportunity at ESPN to make some connection eventually and work my way around the sports world. I know I can do it.

Tonight I am doing my first college basketball game in RealTime. This means I will be controlling the clock and score on the computer and what you see on the bottom line is coming from what I am doing. I believe I am on the UCF/Florida St. game, so if you see any mistakes…let me know.

New job

Starting a new job is an exciting time, especially when it is one that you have always wanted.

Monday I began a part-time position in the ESPN Stats and Analysis department. Basically that means I will be watching a sport, tracking it using the feeds that ESPN gets and making sure what goes out to the website and all other outputs is correct. It may sound complicated, but it’s really not. I will be watching college basketball and getting paid to do so.

This is what I would call my third real job and before I started them all (dishwasher, customer service and now at ESPN) I have been very nervous and started to second guess myself. It is normal to be nervous before starting something new, that’s not what I’m worried about, it’s the part where I question if I made the right decision.

I know in the long run I did, it’s just these first few days of training and trying to figure everything out where I worry. The hours aren’t any better than what I worked when at Lowe’s, but I am working in sports now. I did some training tonight and will do some more tomorrow and hopefully by the end of the night I feel comfortable and can contribute to the team. That’s the biggest area of concern for me. It’s tough to enter a workplace while they are getting everyone else ready and I am learning from scratch. I know I will be fine, it’s just my anxiety.

I will continue to post some updates here, although I can’t say much (because ESPN), but I hope to get rolling in this new job and start to enjoy what I do.