Let Jose Fernandez have fun

Why is watching a home run a problem?

Jose Fernandez, the Marlins super rookie and likely NL ROY, hit his first career home run Wednesday night at home in Miami vs. the Braves. Fernandez was pitching in his last game of the season due to an innings limit and when he hit his long ball in the 6th inning, he watched it fly and then trotted around the bases.

Why did a fight ensue and benches clear?

Chris Johnson of the Braves took exception to Fernandez watching his home run and the way he rounded the bases and as Brian McCann confronted the rookie at home plate, Johnson ran in from third and basically started a fight. I know why the fight started, but I don’t understand why it’s a thing.

Why can’t the rookie enjoy his moment?

These are men playing a boys game. Yes, they are paid millions of dollars and they are the best players in the world, why can’t they have fun too? If a player wants to watch his home run ball fly through the air, let him. This kid hit his first career home run and he knew it was gone, let him enjoy it. He may never hit another home run again.

I understand that the veterans of the league want to police baseball and make sure the “kids” earn their spot, but what would they have done if they were in Fernandez’s position? I have no problem with ANY professional baseball player showing off, putting on a show or having fun playing the game, that’s why I love it so much. I wish there was more show-boating in baseball.

Yeonis Cespedes won the 2013 Home Run Derby and on his finally swing gave the biggest bat flip I have ever seen and it was awesome. I know that event is an exhibition for the fans, but I wish it happened in games. The 2012 Boston Red Sox had Cody Ross, the king of bat flips. Whenever he hit a big fly, he flipped the bat and it was great. Why didn’t he cause the benches to clear every time? Because he has earned his spot? He’s not the greatest hitter of all time, he just has fun playing the game, so why can’t Jose Fernandez?

If I ever hit a home run in any level of baseball, I would stand in the batters box until the ball landed, hold my arms up high and enjoy every second of the moment, because I know it is most likely the only one I will ever hit in my life.

Let major league baseball players do what they want, let them entertain the fans, because after all, it is an entertainment business they are involved in.