Just a beginning

I wrote last week about my new job at ESPN. I didn’t write it to announce what I am doing or to brag about my “dream job,” I wrote it for myself, because I was nervous.

I appreciate all the words encouragement and well wishes, but I didn’t expect it.

All I do is track college basketball games and make sure all the data is going where it is supposed to. It’s a cool job, but not my dream by far. I would still love to be a major league baseball beat writer. I want to travel with a team and write stories everyday, all spring, summer and fall. That is my real dream job.

I hope to use this opportunity at ESPN to make some connection eventually and work my way around the sports world. I know I can do it.

Tonight I am doing my first college basketball game in RealTime. This means I will be controlling the clock and score on the computer and what you see on the bottom line is coming from what I am doing. I believe I am on the UCF/Florida St. game, so if you see any mistakes…let me know.