The SLC stretches past Class S

Yesterday I wrote about how deep the Shoreline Conference was and focused on the Class S tournaments, but completely forgot about Class M. I just looked at the girls tournament results and Haddam-Killingworth will be playing for the Class S soccer championship.

H-K may play a mostly Class S schedule in the Shoreline Conference, but as I said yesterday, it is probably the deepest in the state, especially in girls soccer. They will be playing Waterford for the title on Saturday and although it’s tough to make a prediction, these two schools have a common opponent we can base some of that off of.

Both teams played Woodstock this year. Woodstock earned the #7 seed in the Class L tournament and won their first game 6-0 over Fermi before losing to Bunnell.

In the third game of the season for the Cougars, they tied Woodstock 2-2 in the northeast corner of the state. In the last game of the season for Waterford, the Lancers lost to Woodstock at home 3-2. There is not much to go by with this common opponent. One game was played early in the season, the other late and I don’t know anything about the Woodstock Academy. The point is, like I’ve been trying to make is, the Shoreline Conference is so good.

#5 H-K beat #12 Berlin, #4 Watertown and #16 Weston to make the finals. #3 Waterford beat #14 Holy Cross, #27 Sheehan and #2 Tolland. We will see what happens on Saturday, but the moral of the story is, the SLC is deep.

Three of eight teams playing for a girls soccer state championship are from the Shoreline. The next closest is the SCC where Branford and Guilford will play for the Class L title.

East Hampton vs. Haddam-Killingworth volleyball preview

East Hampton and Haddam-Killingworth have been two of the best teams in the Shoreline Conference for a few years, just behind Morgan, who no one can seem to beat. Well, they face off tonight for a chance to play for a conference championship.

Twice this year the Cougars and Bellringers met and both times H-K won 3-1.

The game is in Higganum and for the third time this year, I will be there. The Haddam-Killingworth Fieldhouse has the ability to get loud and I expect the student section to make some noise. It will be tough for an East Hampton team, who has been battling injury all year to win.

H-K has two of the best outside hitters in the conference and will be tough to stop. Both teams are well coached and wouldn’t be surprised if this one goes five sets, but I think the Cougars are too strong.

Spring Sports Bombardment

The last couple of weeks at the Middletown Press, for me at least, have been pretty slow. Basketball season ended and we didn’t have all the scores coming in every night, well, that changed tonight.

I put all the spring sports schedules in my Google calender to begin the day and it showed me just how many games we had to cover every day. Then there was a little bit of downtime before the results started to come in. The one call I took was from the Mercy golf coach. The Tigers lost their first match of the season 224-228 to Cheshire.

A lot of the springs sports coaches email in their results which is nice, but when you start to see them all pile up, it’s a bit intimidating. I wrote up some tennis and golf today along with Joe doing the other stuff. The worst thing I may have heard was that today was a slow day, just wait until tomorrow.

I looked at the Shoreline Conference baseball schedule the other day and was hoping I would be able to go to the Haddam-Killingworth vs. Cromwell baseball game for a number of reasons. Cromwell is the reigning Class S state champion and H-K was the Class M runner-up last year. Cromwell has one of the best pitching staffs in the state and H-K has a couple good hurlers as well, not to mention Brian Moskey, my friend Kellie’s brother who I have heard can bring it, but haven’t seen him play yet.

Joe told me that Jimmy Zanor is covering the game, but I could go. Then he almost changed his mind and had me go to the Middletown vs. Vinal Tech baseball game, which I would have no problem covering, but the other game is way more appealing.

Cromwell and H-K softball teams are playing at the same time also at Cromwell High School, so Joe asked me to keep an eye on that game as well. That’s the trade-off I had to make in order to go to the baseball game. I’m sure I will also have a bunch of other games to write about when I get back to the office.

I’m excited for baseball season and hoping I am busy for the rest of the time I am at the Press.