My Hall of Fame vote…if I had one

Greg Maddux – Probably the last pitcher we will ever see with 300 wins.

Mike Mussina – You know you’re good when you’re a Yankee and I like you.

Tom Glavine – Another 300 win pitcher.

Curt Schilling – Low win total, but great postseason record and amazing K/BB ratio.

Jeff Bagwell – 149 OPS+ is only below two PED users and “The Big Hurt.”

Frank Thomas – His nickname is “The Big Hurt.”

Larry Walker – 2000+ hits and 200+ steals is pretty impressive to me

Tim Raines – Speed guys deserve more credit. 808 steals is awesome.

Edgar Martinez – Don’t knock a guy for being a DH, he was GREAT at his job.

Craig Biggio – 3000 hit club, 285 HBP, multiple All-star, Gold Glove, Silver Slugger and MVP votes.

Rant on Baseball Hall of Fame voting

Twitter went crazy this morning when a Dodgers beat writer released that he voted for Jack Morris and only Jack Morris on his Hall of Fame ballot. But why is this so ridiculous?

Morris was a really good pitcher, but so was Greg Maddux, a player who should be a unanimous HOF’er. Maddux will not be a unanimous selection, because [certain beat writer I will not mention by name, because of his idiocy] he played during the PED era. He said that he will never vote for a player who played during this time in baseball history.

I can understand that thinking, but not every player used PEDs and a lot of them performed greatly, even through this time. You are allowed 10 votes on the ballot, but don’t have to use them all. Voting for just one player however is a slap in the face to the rest. It says that they got unlucky playing during this time. They were born at the wrong time and are the wrong generation if they ever want to be considered for the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Ever since I decided to be a journalist and learned that the Baseball Writers Association of America voted for the Hall of Fame, I’ve wanted to become a member and have a say in baseball immortality. To me, this would be the highest honor I can imagine.

A couple of months ago, Deadspin bought a Hall of Fame vote from a writer for an undisclosed amount of money. I have no problem with the purchasing of a vote, I have an issue with someone selling their vote. You worked your entire career to earn the right to vote for the highest honor a baseball player can achieve and you just go and sell it to a dumb website? That is a disgrace to the game. If you wanted to get rid of it so badly, just go to the association, tell them you don’t want your vote anymore and let them give it to someone who cares.

I wish for one day, hopefully soon, where the BBWAA takes voting seriously, votes for the best players in the game and cares about the integrity of the game. Respects the hard work they have put in to get that vote and does what they are supposed to do, honor the greatest players the game has ever seen, the ones they get to write about everyday.