Learning Something New

So, what did I do Thursday and Friday at the Middletown Press???

I told you what I was doing Thursday while my editor and the photographer were at the Middletown Athletics Hall of Fame…I sat in the office and blogged about that. When they came back I was given the task to find one more college story from a local athlete to finalize the “College Notebook.” After checking on a few athletes, we decided on Erikson Wasyl, a freshman basketball player at Vassar College in New York. Wasyl has just begun to start and as I write this post I am reading that he hit a clutch three-pointer on Saturday to send the Brewers to overtime vs. St. Lawrence University. Vassar won the game 84-80 in extra time.

Those four stories would be my second byline while at the press, but my next “real” one would be on Friday. I was sent out with the photographer again to cover the Mercy basketball game. This would not be a good game, it was actually a really poor game to watch. Mercy defeated Hillhouse 63-23. So how the heck do I write a semi-interesting story about a 40-point blowout??? That comes in the interviews.

I talked to Mercy coach Tim Kohs immediately after the game and he talked a lot about defense and how they worked on their zone Friday night against a team they knew they were going to beat handily.

Joe and I discussed what I was going to try to do differently for this story to make it better before I left and the two things I decided on were: 1. Take better notes and 2. Talk to a player…I did both.

I got a couple good detail plays from the game and talked to both Maria Weselyj and Jordyn Nappi after the game outside their locker room. Both seniors are looking forward to the SCC tournament and the state tournament, where they have been to the finals the last three seasons, they haven’t won and they feel like this year their team chemistry is great and they have their best opportunity to bring a state title back to Middletown.

I rushed back to the office and had about 45 minutes to get my story done before the ridiculous deadline of 9:45 p.m. I finished right at deadline and then Joe reworked the piece a little, put it on the page and sent it off to print. After the pressure was gone he wanted me to rewrite it for the website. I added a nut graph and some extra quotes and made the story more about defense and less a straight game story. One of the news reporters then read my story and gave me some suggestions. This was so cool. The best compliment of the night was from Jeff Mill. He said reading my story was exciting! I never thought about that, but I like that still. I want people to get into the story and keep them on edge.

I left the office around 11 p.m. with Joe and Jeff after another successful and educational night at the Middletown Press.

Chillin’ In The Office

There are only a few high school basketball games going on tonight in the greater Middletown area and my editor is at the Middletown sports hall of fame ceremony, so I am in charge of the sports department right now.

This is only my fifth day on the “job” and even though I don’t have much responsibility other than answering calls from coaches, it feels kind of weird being here alone. There are two news writers on the other side of the office arguing about the economy and it’s hilarious, but other than that, NOTHING happening right now.

Most high school basketball games begin at 7 p.m. and while I wait for some of the tweets to come in and then the games to end so I can start to take calls from coaches, I am sitting here on my computer. I am in love with Twitter, as most of you know, so that is what I am doing, staying up-to-date on my news and following the #ctgb and #ctbb hashtags used for boys and girls high school basketball in the state.

I can’t wait to tweet some sports scores, that’s my thing…