Not so calm before the storm

It’s been a few days and one giant blizzard, but I am back to tell you about what I did at the Middletown Press on Thursday night, the night before Blizzard Charlotte or Nemo or Snowmaggedon or whatever you want to call it.

I parked in my usual spot, but was wondering why Joe’s car was not there yet. Cathy, the photographer was sitting in her Jeep writing down her mileage, so I stopped and talked to her for a few minutes. Her and Joe had just got back from doing a story about Vinal Tech senior Dante Watson scoring his 1,000th career point last week. I walked into the office and took my spot at my desk when Jim Bransfield walked in with a big story.

He had met with the athletic director’s of both Middletown High School and Xavier that morning when they announced the 15-year tradition of playing football on Thanksgiving Day between the city’s two high school’s would be ended. This was a bigger deal than I thought it was. Joe came in a few minutes later, got the story from Jim and posted it online. The tweet containing the story was posted around 4:30 pm and by the time we left at 10:30 that night, there were 42 retweets. (As of right now, the tweet has 58 Retweets and 7 Favorites)

For the next hour or so, Joe and I looked through the game stories of the last 15 years and wrote up three or four sentences summarizing the annual game. This was pretty cool, especially reading about the amazing performance by current Detroit Lions safety Amari Spievey (Xavier grad). I started at 2012 and Joe started at 1998 and we worked our way to the middle. I only got done through 2008, but the plan worked and we had a cool collaboration for the front of the sports page on Friday.

I put together a few “By The Numbers” stats based off of the game, that was a lot of fun. I love figuring out stats and living by the numbers.

When I was at the Mercy basketball game last week the coach, Tim Kohs told Cathy that senior Jordyn Nappi would be scoring her 1,000th point on February 7. I thought I would be going back there for the game, but when I came in I was told she needed 28 points to reach the goal and it likely wouldn’t happen that night. My girlfriend, Kara’s sister attends Mercy and she went to the game Thursday night. I told Kara that if Nappi did get to 1,000 I would like her to take a picture and send it to me.

I got the picture.

I walked up to Joe and showed him, he almost couldn’t believe it. We blew it. I saved the picture and tweeted it. Once Kohs called in the score later that night, he apologized saying that his stats were off and she only needed 18 points, she finished the game with 20.

I finished the night by writing up a bunch of high school basketball games and then was told not to come in Friday because of the snow. The rest of the reporters were working from home and their deadline was 4 p.m.

Oh, and I love tweeting from the @MPSportsEditor account. I tweeted all of the scores that came in and Joe didn’t even realize it until he checked TweetDeck at the end of the night. That was cool when he was happy to see it.

I can’t wait to get back in the office this Thursday and get back to work.