Chillin’ In The Office

There are only a few high school basketball games going on tonight in the greater Middletown area and my editor is at the Middletown sports hall of fame ceremony, so I am in charge of the sports department right now.

This is only my fifth day on the “job” and even though I don’t have much responsibility other than answering calls from coaches, it feels kind of weird being here alone. There are two news writers on the other side of the office arguing about the economy and it’s hilarious, but other than that, NOTHING happening right now.

Most high school basketball games begin at 7 p.m. and while I wait for some of the tweets to come in and then the games to end so I can start to take calls from coaches, I am sitting here on my computer. I am in love with Twitter, as most of you know, so that is what I am doing, staying up-to-date on my news and following the #ctgb and #ctbb hashtags used for boys and girls high school basketball in the state.

I can’t wait to tweet some sports scores, that’s my thing…